For Breeders:

Early Neurological Stimulation
Weaning Set Up and Suggestions
Developmental and Fear Periods
Harnessing the Enrichment Effect
Puzzles, Games, and Problem Solving
Safe Early Socialization
Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Litter
Emotional Resiliency Exercises
Anti-Aggression Protocols
Bomb-Proofing Puppies
Placement Options
Preparing Your Puppy Buyers


For Puppy Owners:​

​​The Critical Socialization Period
Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Puppy
How To Find a Good Puppy Class
Vaccination vs. Socialization
Handling Fear Periods
Leash Walking, Recall, Crate and Potty Training
Training Markers

Preventing Common Behavior Problems:
Resource Guarding
Separation Anxiety
Biting and Jumping


Manding Explained By Jane Killion From Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture DVD
Puppy Culture DVD

Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. 

Puppy Culture is a program used by Breeders and Puppy owners, all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies and to limit behavioral issues by helping puppies to cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults. We believe Puppy Culture is a valuable resource for caring and ethical breeders, along with new and old puppy owners, rescues, and is a fantastic add-on to attending a good puppy preschool.  Breeders especially, by using Puppy Culture, you can improve the lives of your puppies with just a few minutes each day and it dramatically makes a difference when comparing a puppy raised by Puppy Culture vs a puppy raised the alternative (non puppy culture) method. Less issues, more brain development, more bonding, more balance and the ability to adjust better, why wouldn't you! 


Article: Puppy fitness that
               Fits the puppy           


The Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet is an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way. If every puppy owner would read and follow these guidelines, a huge number of behavioral issues and fractures could be avoided! Indispensable for new puppy owners, and great wisdom and guidance too for breeders to pass along in puppy packages. Booklet includes the following:

•The article "Puppy Fitness That Fits The Puppy" which outlines the whys and hows of appropriate puppy exercise and explains growth plates and “toddler fractures” in puppies.
•"Age Appropriate Exercise Guidelines Charts" With 6 individual exercise guideline charts - one for each of the following age ranges:
8-12 weeks old
12-16 weeks old
4-6 months old
6-12 Months old
12-18 months old
18 months to two years old

(We send a Puppy Fitness Exercise Guidelines Booklet  home with all our puppies in the puppy packet)