Puppy Application

Congratulations! You have browsed the website and fallen in love with the thought of adding a German Shepherd to you life. Anyone interested in a puppy must fill out this application. I want to know as much about  you as possible before placing a puppy with you. Our puppies are not products being sold for income, and since we CARE where they go, we require a screening questionnaire from serious inquires wishing to be considered for a puppy. Just as you are looking for a reputable breeder, we are looking for responsible dog owners.  It is imperative that I place my pups in the best possible homes where they will reach their highest potential, in the ring, at trials, and as much loved Family Pets. I aim to breed very high quality pups suitable for homes that will recognize and embrace the benefits of owning a well bred specimen of the German Shepherd breed. My love for this breed runs deep and I hope yours does too!

Our next litter will not be till around early 2024.