For sale/Litters

We do limited breeding, and don't always have a litter available. We do at times have a waiting list, and any puppies not yet spoken for can be found here. If you are seriously interested in being placed on our waiting list, or are interested in an available puppy/dog, please submit our puppy application form.
We are extremely careful where we place our puppies and do not sell a puppy just because someone would like one, we like to know that our puppies will have the best quality of life.
Pet/ companion. All  puppies  sold as pet/companion only will be placed on  full NZKC registration with Endorsements :  Not to be bred or shown & no export certificate, and with a spay/neuter contract.  You can still show your dogs in performance events like agility, obedience, rally, disc dog, tracking etc.  They just cannot compete in conformation nor be bred from. 

Breed or show: If you are interested in one of our puppies for showing or breeding purposes, please contact us and it will have to be discussed privately. We are cautious about people seeking one of our dogs solely for breeding purposes (as so many breeding dogs are mistreated and over-bred). After interviewing you (via phone and email) and ideally meeting you we feel confident that your intentions are honourable, full registration can be offered with select puppies at our discretion.
There are specifications involved, health testing will be required.
We may decide to offer co-ownership at our discretion.

We select the NZKC registered name of all puppies we breed, using the German style naming system where each litter is assigned a letter of the alphabet, and the registered names of all of the pups in that litter begin with that letter of the alphabet, following the kennel designation of "Shephaven." New owners of course are free to use any call name they desire.
We also reserve the right to refuse a puppy or dog to anyone.


Ch Shephaven Drama Queen babies 10days

Orka with her 2014 litter

Puppy Culture DVD